The “modern” piano, the term I use for most pianos built after 1900, is considered by many to be the noblest of instruments. More music has been written for it than for any other instrument; it has a broader tonal and dynamic range by far than any other instrument; and a piano played well can indeed “sooth the savage beast.”

 I have been around pianos my entire life, and have been tuning, repairing, rebuilding and refinishing them since about 1973. Since piano technicians often encounter questions that are difficult to answer in the limited time span of a service call, I have written a number of articles in response to many of the questions you may have always wanted to ask about pianos, but didn’t know who to ask or how to ask.

I hope you will find this web site informative and fun. If you don’t know where to start, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.  As you make use of the information on this site, please keep us in mind for all of your piano needs.

-Keith Comparetto