Pianos for Sale


Allegro Piano Works may have a limited selection of pre-owned pianos, from economical uprights to fine grands. A pre-owned piano can be the greatest piano value on the market. All of our pre-owned pianos have been, at the very least, cleaned and touched up if necessary, and in some cases their finish restored. They have been tuned, repaired and adjusted so they are ready to play.  All of our instruments are tuned to standard pitch, A=440, unless otherwise noted.  

Our restored and rebuilt pianos are gems of the past, beautifully refinished and rebuilt, and can be a complement to any surrounding. This work often involves restringing and repinning, new pinblock, and extensive action rebuilding. Often a rebuilt piano can offer you a better instrument for a fraction of the cost of a new piano, and retain its value much better, thus is a much better investment. See our article, Rebuilt vs. New, for further information on piano rebuilding. Please scroll down for descriptions and photos of pianos currently available.   

1906 Hardman Grand 5’8″

This is a 5’8” grand built in 1906 by Hardman Co., an excellent New York builder at the time, during the golden age of American piano building. The piano came out of a church in Lowell, MA, where it sat for many years protected but unplayed. It was restored a few years ago with new strings, pin block, tuning pins, hammers, damper felts, key tops and key bushings, in addition to refinishing the cabinet. It has a great sound, particularly booming in the bass. It would be difficult to match quality and sound for anything close to this price of $9,000. Also, as an extra bonus, it has a Dampp-Chaser climate control system already installed — an additional $600 value.